What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is PPC / pay per click advertising that advertises your business at the top of Google Search. Webworld manages ad campaigns and offers specific keywords to show three-line AdWords advertising. Customers find your website and click on the text ad to get to the site to see what you offer. Each click variable fee is charged depending on the cost (per click) of the keyword, clickthrough rate (CTR), and other parameters.

Why should you invest in Google AdWords?

– Show the most targeted customers / visitors way to your site. Webworldsin extensive paid search expertise can be used to optimize your campaign to get more paid traffic and lower your overall campaign budget.

– Get quick response from PPC. Ads can be updated immediately based on inventory or offer, and it will be published in search results. It can be paused if the company no longer offers a product / service.

– AdWords targeting options that reach your customers. AdWords gives you the ability to reach relevant customers based on location, search intensity, time of day, device used to search (tablet, computer, mobile) and a variety of other options.

Why choose webworld?

More and better traffic – Webworld campaign setup and management strategies find more of the highly qualified traffic and lead consistent traffic to the site.

Low cost and higher returns – Webworld stock campaigns that are fast, efficient and driven by business goals.

Depending on your needs – Builds vampires from scratch, restructures existing campaigns and manages campaigns for maximum return.

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